Carbon Drawdown
500 tonnes
1 treecoin = 1 tonne of C02e

Carbon tokens that reward growers greening the world

Carbon tokens that demonstrate your commitment to sustainability

Treecoin rewards trees for the work they do sequestering carbon. By purchasing treecoin you enable trees to monetise their work to help fund land care projects.

Carbon tokens accessible to all through a global carbon-negative blockchain



Track the total number of tokens ever produced by every grower worldwide.



Probe the blockchain to audit every grower and the data we store on-chain.



Treecoin can easily be minted, purchased and retired in one user portal.



Treecoin represents the critical and finite amount of work trees are doing

How it works

Purchase, carbon-lock and showcase in a few clicks

Treecoin provides an all in one platform to help you and your business achieve sustainabilty goals.

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Wallet screen in TreeCoin portal where users can view their balances and send and receive cryptocurrencies
Step 01
Understand your carbon objectives

Before purchasing it's important to understand your business's carbon use for the year. You can use a free tool like the one below to calculate it.

Step 02
Purchase treecoin

The TreeCoin app allows you to purchase treecoin tokens from the comfort of your office and store and manage them online.

A drone image of a forest with treecoin showing how the trees can be used to draw carbon and contribute to reforestation and help with marketing
Polygon trees showing how the natural environment can be monetised through digitisation
Step 03
Lock up the carbon

Retire your treecoin through our Carbon Lock portal. Every token sent to the portal becomes inaccessible to all and is publicly viewable to ensure transparency.

Step 04
Showcase your contribution

Share your climate commitments by easily tracking the carbon tokens you have retired - your contributions are verifiable on our public ledger.  

Display of Carbon Lock portal where users can lock up carbon forever
Fund reforestation

Support land carers and protect forests

treecoin enables trees to be paid for their carbon drawdown as transparent andverifiable tokens. This distributes wealth back to the planet that provides all our resources.

Connect with a global carbon markets
Increase profitability and autonomy of projects
Buy now
An image of a man with a cap in a forest checking on the happy healthy plants
An image of a man with a cap in a forest checking on the happy healthy plants
100% provable

Data-backed and fully transparent.

Each treecoin token is tagged with meta-data showing the site and audit used to generate it. You can see exactly where your treecoin was grown and have a transaction record showing the amount you retired.

Tagged with meta-data from carbon audit
Support growers globally
Transactions viewable on public ledger
View the ledger
It's a no brainer

Showcase your contribution to the world.

Gain an edge in the era of greenwashing with concrete proof that your company has dedicated resources to helping the planet.

Share your sustainability achievements with the world.
Token purchases proovable on public ledger
Marketing kit and badge for website (coming soon)
Drone image of a forest with a road snaking through it

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone purchase treecoin?

Yes! Treecoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency available for anyone to purchase. Companies and individuals can purchase to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability. Users can also buy, store and sell treecoin tokens to other users worldwide.

Where can I purchase treecoin?

For a full featured experience that includes the Carbon Lock and marketing kit features, it's best to purchase treecoin directly from within our platform. If you wish to purchase treecoin to hold in your wallet you can also do so from any DEX that connects to the Polygon Network.

How is treecoin valued?

Each treecoin represents 1 tonne of C02e drawdown and has a market utility value similar to other carbon based tokens, averaging between $5-$50USD.

We expect the free market to price treecoin tokens based on real world demand and so actual price will be determined by the market.

What standards and are tokens based on?

TreeCoin is developing our own Carbon Blockchain standard which builds on much of the existing carbon market standards while incorporating blockchain technology to drastically improve the transparency, auditability and trust in the carbon market.

Is treecoin a verified carbon credit or carbon offset?

Carbon credits are generally sold by governments and are highly regulated and bureaucratic - barriers to entry are high and costly.

Carbon offsets range in quality, are generally less bureaucratic and are purchased by companies voluntarily to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.

Treecoin is a cryptocurrency carbon-backed token that aims to provide similar function in the voluntary carbon market while reducing barriers to entry and solving the problems of trust by using blockchain transparency.

How can I verify that treecoin carbon tokens are of high-quality?

You shouldn't need a third party to verify the tokens your buying. TreeCoin believes that the inbuilt transparency features off blockchain technology give users and the public the best opportunity to probe and audit carbon drawdown projects for themselves. 100% of grower project data required to verify carbon drawdown claims is publicly accessible through any blockchain explorer. TreeCoin also provides a simple search function (coming soon) for users wanting to extract grower data from the platform for their own auditing purposes.

Can I choose to buy tokens from a specific location?

Treecoin tokens are designed to be bought and sold worldwide, therefore the location data of the origin becomes lost. However, for purchasers wishing to buy tokens from a specific grower in a specific location, TreeCoin users can directly buy and sell tokens peer-to-peer. In this way a purchaser can know 100% where those treecoin originated from. This can be useful if the purchaser is buying treecoin for Carbon Locking purposes.

The time to reforest the world is now.

Treecoin is a solution for everyday people to take part in a new revenue stream which contributes to environmental and economic benefits for all humanity.