Carbon Drawdown
500 tonnes
1 treecoin = 1 tonne of C02e

Grow trees and earn treecoin

Treecoin lets you claim historic data from the year you owned the property back to 2015. For some landowners that's $1000's of value unlocked, in a few clicks.
Treecoin rewards past carbon drawdown. We can even go back to the year you owned the property as far as 2015. For some landowners that's $1000's of value unlocked in a few clicks.
Treecoin rewards past carbon drawdown. New plantings and existing trees are all eligible. Carbon is easily measured using technology and verified by independent providers

Designed to be verifiable and transparent for sustainable eco-impact and value.

Unlock value


Carbon drawdown is ready to be unlocked and minted as tokens on blockchain.



Treecoin uses approved expert providers to measure and verify the carbon stored in your trees.



All information about every treecoin event is viewable on a public ledger.



The treecoin portal shows you detailed data about each project.

How it works

Unlock value from forest projects with treecoin.

Monetise your tree's carbon drawdown as a new revenue stream

Start earning
To follow the steps, you'll need an account
Project view of the treecoin portal in a laptop showing the geoJSON fence of the forest project boundaryCreate project screen for the TreeCoin portal
Step 01
Create a project

Provide details of your project/property. You'll be given ownership tokens that allow you to monetise the carbon drawdown on your land. You can also share ownership tokens to other stakeholders.

1 treecoin (XCC) = 1 tonne CO2e

Step 02
Let your trees work

With each day that passes your trees are drawing in CO2. The healthier your trees the more carbon they'll absorb!

1ha of forest captures 3-5tonnes of CO2 each year.

Drone image of a forest with a road snaking through it
3D scan of land that was used to generate treecoin using AI carbon auditing technology
Step 03
Audit growth + harvest treecoin

As your forest grows you'll periodically audit the amount CO2 your trees have captured. Audits are submitted from the comfort of your computer and you will receive treecoin upon approval.

1 treecoin (XCC) = 1 tonne CO2e

Step 04
Sell treecoin to global markets or retire them

Lock up your carbon tokens to demonstrate commitment to your/your businesses sustainability goals. You can also sell your treecoin to individuals and companies who take part in the treecoin ecosystem.

Polygon trees showing how the natural environment can be monetised through digitisation

Unlock carbon data. Generate and sell offsets.

Gain access to verified carbon data and generate offsets transparently and securely. Historic data is available from 2015.

Monitor growth and carbon drawdown
Connect with a global carbon markets
Increase profitability and autonomy of projects
Start Growing
An image of a man with a cap in a forest checking on the happy healthy plants
An image of a man with a cap in a forest checking on the happy healthy plants
Data Driven

Gain insights from real-world data.

Monitor and track your tree growth over given time periods and use it to help keep your trees healthy and absorbing carbon.

Connect with a global carbon markets
Increase profitability and autonomy of projects
Start Growing
It's a no brainer

A transparent and independently verified carbon asset.

Treecoin are only created after verification from cutting-edge carbon monitoring technology. Every treecoin can be traced back to the land it came from and the project viewed on the blockchain.

Save thousands in fees by purchasing directly in platform.
Trace your credits back to the land it was generated from.
Share your sustainability achievements with the world.
Drone image of a forest with a road snaking through it

Become a grower

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Frequently asked questions

Can anyone be a grower?

Yes! Anyone can be a grower. Farmers and forest owners of all sizes, governments and individuals can all participate. The size of your site will determine how you audit your carbon through the platform.

How long until I earn my first treecoin?

If you opt for minting treecoin from historic data, you will earn your first treecoin in just a few days (we'll need to verify everything). For all subsequent growth events or new projects, we recommend that you allow enough time for your trees to sequester a meaningful amount of carbon, which typically takes 6-12 months.

What do you mean by historic data?

Our carbon gateway partners have been monitoring carbon drawdown globally for a number of years. Depending on your sites location you might be able to mint treecoin using this data as proof which can go back to the date you obtained ownership of the property and/or the carbon rights*. (availability dependant on location)

Are there any fees associated with treecoin?

TreeCoin's goal is to democratise the monetisation of carbon drawdown worldwide. Part of this plan means the lowest barrier to entry upfront. There are no fees for using the platform to get started, treecoin takes a small commission of the tokens generated at the end of the audit to make the process as smooth as possible for the user.
This commission funds the treecoin project and ecosystem.

What can I use treecoin for?

There are a few things you can do with treecoin tokens. You can lock them up using our Carbon Lock feature which permanently removes them from circulation and provides you/your business with a verifiable demonstration of your commitment to sustainability. We also provide basic PR and marketing kits to users who lock tokens using the Carbon Lock feature.

Beyond Carbon Lock, treecoin tokens can be bought and sold worldwide using the TreeCoin platform. Users can also hold/send/receive tokens just like any other cryptocurrency.

Is there a minimum land size?

There is no minimum land size for treecoin projects - we want everyone to be involved. Treecoin is designed to handle from 1 tree (10 square meters) up to millions of trees per project. Certain features such as historical minting are only available for land sizes greater than 1 hectare.

Do I have to own the land?

All projects on the TreeCoin platform must be registered by the land owner themselves or by someone with written permission from the land owner to monetise the carbon drawdown on the property.

What happens if I sell my land?

If selling your land after producing Treecoin, your Treecoin ownership tokens should be transferred to the party purchasing your land. This provides a valuable opportunity for your land purchaser to benefit from producing Treecoin, continuing your production.  The new owner of your land must adhere to the same agreements you declared, such as no duplicate revenue from other carbon schemes and for Treecoin+, no removals for 10 years etc.  Should the new owner decline to adhere to the Treecoin declarations for their acquired land, Treecoin production will be suspended and the new owner will be unable to participate in Treecoin in future.

What is the average payout?

The average payout is dependant on land size, tree species and time period. A good rule of thumb is that 1ha of existing forest will sequester 3-5 tonnes of carbon (treecoin tokens) per year. For projects which can access historic data, there might be a large one-off token generation event possible.

The time to reforest the world is now.

Treecoin is a solution for everyday people to take part in a new revenue stream which contributes to environmental and economic benefits for all humanity.