Carbon Drawdown
500 tonnes
Round 2 Now Open

Invest in the carbon-backed economy.

Treecoin is a full featured platform connecting forest projects producing carbon tokens and purchasers in a global carbon market

Platform launched


More than 1000ha of land are already getting involved in the Pilot Phase.

First treecoin minted


The first real-world treecoin are expected to be minted in December 2023 as part of our Pilot Phase.

Commercial partnerships


5 companies have already confirmed purchase agreements to buy the first treecoin as Pilot Purchasers.

Experienced team


Successful entrepreneurs, carbon-specialists, IT + Dev executives, marketers and Finance backgrounds.

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How it works

Unlock value from forest projects with treecoin.

Claim historic drawdown for your site upon signup back to 2015.

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a minimum/maximum amount of investment?

At this stage, the minimum investable amount is $25,000 AUD. Upper limits depend on the amount of equity being offered at each capital raising round. Please contact us for more information.

What do you look for in investors?

TreeCoin is a bright, exciting project leveraging fast-paced technology. We work with investors who are keen to make a positive difference in the cryptocurrency/forestry/sustainability/finance areas. Many of our current investors are also professionals in their respective fields.

Can you provide a pitchdeck?

TreeCoin can provide a range of investor materials including an investor pack and pitchdeck. Please complete the form above to request further information.

What is TreeCoin's secret sauce?

TreeCoin has an international patent pending which outlines a lot of the technological aspects of the project and can be made available to interested investors. For a summary of the TreeCoin platform that is not as overwhelming, you can request to download a copy of the whitepaper.

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The time to reforest the world is now.

Treecoin is a solution for everyday people to take part in a new revenue stream which contributes to environmental and economic benefits for all humanity.