Carbon Drawdown
500 tonnes

Generate wealth while reforesting the world.

Creating a liveable and prosperous world is a team effort. TreeCoin ensures living assets underpin our economy.

A 3d geometric tree
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Why it matters

"To date, there's a complete lack of grassroots incentives to resolve the challenges of reforestation."

- the TreeCoin founders

We believe people will take better care of the environment if they can profit from their efforts.

The solution must be:


Every treecoin is backed by data showing where the carbon was captured.

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Each project is verified with industry leading AI carbon auditing technology.

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Each treecoin is equal to one tonne of carbon drawn out of the atmosphere.

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The treecoin difference

TreeCoin uses carbon drawdown measurements from remote sensing, drones and AR as a proof of work mechanism for minting carbon-backed tokens on a blockchain.

TreeCoin aims to solve an environmental and fiscal problem as the token supply is naturally constrained by the amount of carbon stored.

1 treecoin = 1 tonne of C02e

How it works

Connecting growers and purchasers to the global carbon market, in 4 steps.

Growers generate treecoin. Companies purchase them to support sustainability. The excess is stored value. Everyone wins.

Warrandyte, Australia
3 men planting a tree on land with forest around
1. Generate tokens
Growers generate treecoin

Forestry companies, landowners and governments produce treecoin based on verified carbon drawdown data.

2. Audit
Treecoin ensures data integrity

Treecoin validates all measurements with AI-driven carbon gateway partners to ensure data is legitimate.

Actual site
3D scan of land that was used to generate treecoin using AI carbon auditing technology
A futuristic city in polygon style showing harmony between trees and buildings
3. Exchange
Growers and purchasers exchange in the market

Organisations seeking to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability purchase treecoin directly from growers through the portal.

4. Carbon Lock (optional)
Lock up carbon and showcase

Send your treecoin tokens to a carbon-lock wallet where it is retired. Use the on-chain data as proof to market your company's sustainability commitment.

A drone image of a forest with treecoin showing how the trees can be used to draw carbon and contribute to reforestation and help with marketing

Carbon-backed money for a harmonious future.

By monetising the carbon storage work of trees, tree owners and emitters work together to reduce net emissions. The byproduct is a form of money that is one-to-one backed by a tonne of stored carbon — treecoin.

1 treecoin = 1 down of proven carbon drawdown
High-quality data analysed and audited with AI
Trees get paid for the CO2 they absorb from the atmosphere
Start Growing
A futuristic city in polygon style showing harmony between trees and buildings
A futuristic city in polygon style showing harmony between trees and buildings

Built on the first carbon-neutral blockchain.

Treecoin is built on the highly scalable and robust Polygon blockchain enabling complete transparency and accountability.

Lightning fast carbon neutral technology
Transparent viewer and ledger Polyscan
Low fees compared to traditional offsets
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The time to reforest the world is now.

Treecoin is a solution for everyday people to take part in a new revenue stream which contributes to environmental and economic benefits for all humanity.

Aligning planetary health with personal wealth.